In August of 1992 ESPN hosted a Super-Welterweight boxing match with title implications between Todd Foster and Jeff Mayweather, but this match did not happen in Las Vegas, or Atlantic City, instead it took place in the middle of a football field in Miles City, Montana.  This documentary will shed some light on why such a big match happened in essentially the middle of nowhere.  Featuring first hand accounts and stories from the people that made it happen and those that were there.  

I have been wanting to make this documentary for a couple of years now but have been running into some monetary complications.So I’m fundraising in order to purchase some necessary equipment and also hire some talent.

The talent I’m speaking of would be a narrator for the film, as well as paying local area musicians in order to license their songs for use in the documentary.

Additionally there are some odds and ends, purchasing the DVD’s and CD’s, paying for the hosting of the film on digital platforms. etc.

There are some things that my initial 1,000 dollar asking price wouldn’t cover, but if we raise more we could potentially get. Like some very cool interviews and location shots, as well some really top level licensed music.So don’t hold back!

I think the biggest challenge is to find the time to do the work. The initial shooting schedule for a documentary is very short compared to a typical film. The biggest challenge of filming will come in the area of interviews, I've been doing some pre-production work to set up some interviews ahead of time to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

As far as post-production this will be the most time consuming, I'm putting a year buffer between the beginning of this project and the completion date, and quite possibly I will be needing all of it. So really the only thing to overcome is time constraints, but if I pass that year date by some unforeseen hold-up I will do everything in my power to make sure it comes out not much later.